Food Grade Silver Whiskey Cooling Ball Reusable Chilling Stones Won't Dilute Your Drink Metal Stainless Steel Ice Cube Ball

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Whiskey stones Specification 4cm
Stones Material Stainless steel
OEM ODM Accept
LOGO LOGO: Laser logo/printed/stamp logo on the wood box


This whiskey chilling balls are made of the high quality stainless steel ,built to last.
Our ball chillers will chill your bourbon without watering it down. Unlike traditional ice, these stainless steel whiskey stone don’t melt – so you can enjoy your scotch strong. And don’t worry, a ice ball for whiskey won’t scratch your Old Fashioned glasses.
It’s utterly easy to use these ball chillers. How? Line them up in their custom-fit plastic revolver tray and place them in your freezer. Whenever you’d like, drop a ball whiskey stone – or a few into your drink. Enjoy!

What makes our product unique?
The Sets are all professionally designed, high-end crafted, and carefully inspected, to ensure an excellent product for every customer.

Could we customized?
Yes, OEM/DEM customization are welcome. Just tell us your requirements and leave the rest to us – an outstanding whisky kit customization expert.

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