Sample Provided Whiskey Stones Gift Set Factory Direct Custom Granite Material Stones Ice Stones Set for Dad Day Gift Set

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Whiskey stones specification: 2*2 cm
Stones material: Granite
OEM/ODM: Support
LOGO: Laser logo/printed/stamp logo on the wooden box


About this item


SIMPLE TO USE – Place the velvet bag containing the stones in the freezer for 2-3 hours and it will be ready for you to enjoy with your drink.

PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF DRINKS – Bourbon, whiskey, wine, scotch, rum, beer, vodka, brandy, gin, cocktails, as well as iced tea, juice, soda, iced coffee etc.

LIFETIME USE – The stones are reusable. Wash after every use and place back in the velvet bag and into the freezer they go.

ORIGINAL TASTE – Using our chilling stones will preserve the original taste of your favorite drink, unlike using ice cubes that will dilute your drink and ruin the taste.

reusable ice stoneswhiskey granite stone