Professional manufacturer provide high quality bar tools special shaped whiskey cocktail smoker kit for gift giving

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Wood smoker Oak wood
Wood chips Apple, peach, pear, oak, hickory, cherry…
Torch Available
Customization Accept
MOQ 300 Sets


About this item

  • [Exquisite Handiwork]:All smoke tops are carved from the solid red oak. All craftsmanship: hollowing, polishing and painting are all handmade by the skilled craftsmen, so each cocktail smoker top has its unique wood grain, color and story. The exterior design is inspired by the shape of the UFO. When the smoker is working, the smoke is infused into the drink, like a flying saucer landing on the cup. It is not only a good helper for making cocktails, but also a table art.
  • [Drink Art]:Easily master this cool cocktail brewing technique with Clumpossom smoker kit,Imagine serving such a beautiful drink floating smoke at the party, and giving your guests a impressive.PS:For better smoke effect, please do not move back and forth when using the torch to burn the wood chips, burn the wood chips for 10-15 seconds so that they can burn completely.
  • [Whiskey & Bourbon Smoker]:The smoky flavor can brings new visual experience and special flavors to a normal glass of whiskey/bourbon/cocktails. After the smoke of different flavors of wood, the liquor will have a more layered aroma, allowing you to better experience the wonderful feeling of wine + smoke.
  • [Man’s gift ]:The bar set contains wood cocktail smoker,torch (not inflated), a small brush for cleaning the whiskey smoker, and two filters,three different flavors of wood chips that will be used in smoke.Beautifully packaged gift box, whether for birthday, party, or the upcoming Father’s Day, Christmas, this will be a wonderful gift.
  • [Inflate the Torch]: Please stand upside down the torch, align the gas bottle and cover the torch air inlet, press hard several times, and hold for about 2 seconds each time; If the gas cannot be filled, it may caused by the residual gas in the air box . Keep the torch upright and deflate the gas for 1-2 times, then stand upside down for refilling.